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NB: If you need immediate advice or mental health assistance, consult a mental health professional in your community or go the Emergency Room of your nearest hospital if you are suicidal/homicidal. Use our Directory of Clinicians to assisst you in finding a therapist near you. Needs for immediate advice/help are not well met through e-mail. (See also our Counseling page.)

Parent Archives
This is where we store questions sent in by parents, along with Jean's answers. For teen questions, go to Teen Archives .

There are two ways to find archived Q&As. You can use the search function or the topic menu with links to Q&A's on specific topics.

(For informed response on questions about effects of specific drugs, use this link:  drugs.)

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Disclaimer: Ms. Martin's and Ms. Walbridge's responses to questions are intended to be educational and informative. They are not a substitute for face-to-face psychotherapy or consultation with a mental health professional.    

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