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The Five Ways We Grieve: Finding Your Personal Path to Healing After the Loss of a Loved One, by Susan Berger, Master's in Social Work, Doctorate in Education, offers alternative ways to look at styles of grieving. That she numbers them as five is less important,  in my view, than that she successfully stimulates thinking about the differences in the way people approach grieving after a loss. Dr. Berger lost both parents early in her life, so she knows whereof she speaks in this book about finding one's path through grief into a new life. She does not let the reader off easy, demanding recognition that one is a changed person after experiencing a significant loss. That is as it should be. The question then becomes, where do you go from there? This book may help many identify their own particular location on the path to healing.

See my special review of this book,  a much-needed, practical addition to the material on stepparenting at this site. My special review also includes an article by the author on how a stepmother can find a good therapist.


Good Kids, Difficult Behavior, by Joyce Divinyi, 2004. The author presents insightful analysis and useful strategies for approaching children and teens whose behavior is troubling to adults. The author's strategies are based on her own experience with and understanding of children whose inner and outer lives have made their demands of the adults in their environments difficult to deal with. This one is highly recommended for anyone trying to parent or work with older children or teens with difficult behaviors. Get it at amazon.com at a discount and help this web site at the same time.

See also, Discipline that Works: 5 Simple Steps.

Discipline that Works: 5 Simple Steps , by Joyce Divinyi, M.S., L.P.C., 2004. Basic parenting strategies for children of all ages, including teens. The "5 Simple Steps" elaborated in this short, paperback book are:
  1. Think feelings.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Teach skills.
  4. Repeat short phrases.
  5. Focus on the positive.

Discipline that Works: 5 Simple Steps is a short, worthwhile guide to effective discpline and is recommended. Get it at amazon.com at a discount , while helping this web site.

For more troubling youngsters, parents, counselors, and teachers can consult her other paperback --in 8-1/2 x 11 format, Good Kids, Difficult Behavior. 

WHY Do They Act That Way? : A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen by David Walsh.
"Probably the best way to describe adolescence is to say that it begins at puberty and ends . . . sometime..." That's the first sentence in WHY. Here's an excerpt from the review posted at Amazon.com:
" WHY Do They Act That Way? is a comprehensive guide to the biology behind just about every adolescent behavior a parent or teacher might encounter. Dr. Walsh's gentle humor and friendly exploration of some personal parenting mishaps make this a highly readable and helpful book. You'll finish it feeling as if you've just had coffee with someone who is not only entertaining and enlightening but who knows exactly how it feels to be the mom or dad of a twenty-first century teen."
Get it at a discount and help this site at the same time.

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Hal Runkel, Family and Marital Therapist, has written a great general parenting book. It doesn't go into interaction with teens extensively (although there are anecdotes that are useful), but it lays a great philosophical foundation for parenting children of any age. Hal's basic premise is that usually it's the parents who need to "grow up" and learn how to keep their cool while they're parenting their kids. Every therapist knows this--now Hal has found a way to say it clearly, with humor. It gets five stars from me. Get it at Amazon.com.

A Relentless Hope, Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression

Gary Nelson, the author of A Relentless Hope, is a father, a pastor, and a psychologist. His writing the story of his and his wife's journey with their depressed son is a great work of insight, compassion, and...hope. For anyone who has dealt with depression: parent, counselor, pastor, nurse, young person, this is a book to turn to to deepen your understanding and restore your faith in recovery.


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