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 Picture"Surviving Adolescence" is a 78-minute videotape of Karen Martin in interaction with 200 parents of adolescents about to enter high school.

The parents pose questions to Ms. Martin, and in answering the questions, Ms. Martin presents her understanding of what makes adolescents and pre-adolescents tick.

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"Any parent who has a child that is about to learn how to drive should pick up a copy of Rules Of The Road." - B. Stiers



"What an animated speaker. I was sorry to see the video end."

 "Karen, I received the video this week as you promised and have just finished viewing it. You gave one of the best explanations of the dynamics of adolescence that I have ever heard. . . I am sure I will be using the film with my co-workers and particular teens. Thanks!"

"Helpful and factual . . . ."

"To take such a serious and disturbing time in life for both the adolescent and the parent and turn it into a humorous event--which both parties will probably see it as, a few years down the road--How refreshing!"

Text: If I were raised in Karen Martin's way, my relationship with my father would be better."

"The adolescent brain--wow! I like that. Your lecture is meaty--so realistic and full of good examples."

"So funny!"

"I learned that children are themselves, and that no matter what we do, they are not us."

"I learned that the changes we see in adolescents are their way of showing independence. This time [of their life] scares them to death."

"I really liked the way she [Karen Martin, presenter] was very blunt and used phrases and situations everybody has seen or been in. Her illustrations really brought home her points....definitely usable, definitely helpful!!"

A common objection we're getting is that the video is not highly produced...Karen Martin's presentation was videotaped by a professional, but you can't always hear the parents' questions at the beginning. One viewer objected to the opening questions with parents; she thought this was a waste of time.

However, as indicated by the comments quoted above, even in its present form, the video can be very helpful & useful to parents, teachers, and older adolescents.


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